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Truck Accessories Available at Legacy Ford Rimbey

Learn all about custom modifications you can make to your truck at Legacy Ford Rimbey, including accessories, finishes, lifts, and more with our own Rick Boron!

The truck featured above includes:

  • 2" Leveling Kit/Lift
  • Chrome Mud Deflectors
  • Chrome Side Vent Shades
  • Cooper Discover AP3's with Worx Chrome Rims
  • 6" Chrome Rocker Mouldings


Everything we offer in chrome can also be done in smoke. Remember, whenever you modify tires, rims, or lift you should get a full realignment. We also offer Dick Cepeck and Wrangler DuraTrac tires - contact us for more information and start building your custom truck!

Ford Wiper Blades

In this installment of Ford Facts, Rick Boron covers the facts about your Ford vehicle wiper blades, as well as helpful tips on maintenance and care.

Ford offers three levels of wiper blades - Original Equipment (in flex or hinge,) Premium Blades, and Form Flex blades. The original equipment come standard on your new Ford vehicle. The premium hinged style have wear and tear sensors to let you know when your blades need replacement at just a glance. The form flex of the third type allows for even pressure across the windshield and superior clearance.

Your wiper blades should be changed at least twice a year. Rick recommends in the spring and fall. In the spring, the blades have just survived a long, tough winter with snow, ice, salt, and other debris damaging them. In the fall, the blades have just survived a hot summer, with heat and pressure warping and also damaging the blades' integrity.

Here at Legacy Ford Rimbey we keep a large stock of numerous blade choices at all times. We have blades for all makes and models, not just Fords; but as an added bonus to Ford owners, stop by for a free windshield fluid top off anytime! We also offer a free jug of washer fluid with any blade purchase.


Ford Oil Filters

Join Rick Boron above for Ford Facts about your oil filter options. Aftermarket oil filters have a few drawbacks. Although cheaper, they also have only one spring, which can cause the filter to rock. The filtration papers are also only glued in place, sometimes to a flimsy cardboard base. The spacers/valves on these filters are also made of plastic or rubber, which each can break down and warp over time with so much heat and pressure from the engine.

So why choose a Ford Motorcraft filter instead? It has a wide spring, to reduce rocking and keeps equal pressure on the filter at all times. The filter paper is moulded into place securely. The value is made from silicone, so it won't become damaged by heat or break down over time.

If you have any other filter questions, let us know by filling out the form above!


Ford Winter Tire Info

Get all the facts with Rick Boron in this Ford Fact video on winter tires - how they work and what factors to consider when you purchase.

Exploring a winter tire in detail, there are many small grooves or slashes in the rubber. These are called sipes. Sipes equal traction, and are crucial on your winter tire for providing control on ice and slick surfaces. According to Rick, they are the most important component of your winter tire, including how many sipes there are and how deeply they are cut. The deeper a sipe is, the longer it will last.

Keep in mind these two factors as well: buy a soft tire and the Rule of 7. A softer rubber compound helps you grip the road. The Rule of 7 Degrees helps you remember when to put winter tires on and off. When it drops below 7, put on your winter tires. When it's consistently above 7, take them off.


Ford Winter Tire Info

Rick from
Legacy Ford Rimbey and wants to remind you about the magic number of 7! With the Warm weather approaching he wants to make sure you get your summer tires on your vehicle. The warm weather breaks down the softer compound material of the tire making it deteriorate faster.Every tire has letters and numbers on the side of the tire, these letters and numbers mean:
  • P/LT - Passenger/Light Truck Car Tire
  • 215 (numbers) - Normal width of the tire in millimetres
  • 65 (Numbers) - Ratio of height to width (Rim to the edge of the tire)
  • R - Radial Tire
  • 15 - Rim Diameter Code in Inches (Size of the Rim)
  • 95H Load index and Speed Symbol (Load Index - How much weight each tire can bear, Speed Symbol how fast your should be going on that tire)
  • M+s - Mud and Snow - Snow Tires will feature a snowflake symbol
  • Max Press 35 PSI - Max Permissible Inflation Pressure

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