One of the features that the new Ford models will be showcasing is the SYNC® 3, which is the latest version of the popular infotainment system. This system has been completely redesigned with a focus on ease of use along with new features. Buyers will begin seeing it available on select 2016 Ford models.


What's New

Several changes have been made with the SYNC® 3 to better satisfy customers. The upgraded system now does a better job of recognizing conversational voices with more accurate results. Commands are implemented faster and the touchscreen behaves more like a smartphone to be intuitive and easier to use.

iPhone fans will appreciate the integration of AppLink™. Now, software updates are completed automatically and only requires you to be in range of Wi-Fi. Your SYNC® 3 system now stays up to date all of the time.

Sync 3


Improved Interface

The touchscreen has been upgraded, giving you more options for managing the SYNC® 3 system. Improvements include the ability to pinch-to-zoom and swipe the screen just like with a tablet or smartphone. Graphics are clear and sharp, making information easier to read on the screen. You will still enjoy the convenience of voice commands on the system, but the touchscreen has a faster response time and is easier to use.

Enjoy a display that is easier to read with the SYNC® 3 system with a bright background that offers enhanced viewing in direct sunlight. A dark background replaces the daytime version to reduce eye fatigue at night while minimizing reflections. Large buttons are easy to access with fonts that offer high contrast for better viewing.

Your home screen will come with three zones. Audio allows you to adjust the radio, Phone enables you to control your smartphone when it is connected through Bluetooth® and Navigation helps you find your way to your destination with voice-activated directions. The tray along the bottom of the screen provides convenient access to specific areas of the SYNC® 3 system. One thing you will notice about this updated version is that is feels more like a smartphone or tablet.

Voice commands are still an important part of the SYNC® 3 system and have been enhanced with a few important changes. You can now speak more normally and the system will understand you more accurately. You can provide a general name of a place instead of getting the exact name and your navigation directions will still be accurate. For example, you can say "Edmonton airport" and the system will know that you mean the Edmonton International Airport. This change will reduce a lot of frustration for drivers.

Sync 3 911


More to Appreciate

Drivers will appreciate the integration of the iPhone with SYNC® 3 through AppLink™. You can now control their iPhone through voice commands while driving or even by using the touchscreen. Finding apps from your smartphone is also easier. Listen to your favourite music on Pandora or stream music through Spotify. Everything works faster so you spend more time enjoying the technology instead of waiting for a response.

Continue to feel secure with the 911 Assist® that you can use even if you don't have a subscription. Get help immediately with the system that provides valuable information to dispatch such as your location and the type of crash. Responders will already know how many seatbelts were in use to know the number of victims on the scene.

SYNC® has become a valuable feature on Ford models, and the new system has been greatly enhanced to be more user-friendly. You will appreciate the changes made to SYNC® 3 that makes it more responsive than before. Learn more about this system and check out the latest Ford models at your local Rimbey Ford Dealer - Legacy Ford Rimbey. Let your legacy start here with Legacy Ford Rimbey.

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